Healthy Relationships

As humans, we are wired to bond with a significant person. Our early attachments play a huge role in shaping our adult relationships, our ability to rebound from misfortune and to find satisfaction in our lives. We know that couples in secure, loving relationships experience greater physical, mental and emotional health. Conversely we know that when we are distanced from our significant other, we are more at risk for depression, anxiety, and negative health outcomes. Emotion Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) focuses on establishing safe, secure bonds in our relationships. What is very interesting is the research on how a secure bond, feeling safe with another person, affects our brain. I wanted to share this brief video which shows the effects of a secure bond on our brain. “Soothing the Threatened Brain”

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Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. “Pooh!” he whispered. “Yes, Piglet?” “Nothing,” said Piglet, taking Pooh’s paw. “I just wanted to be sure of you.” ~A.A. Milne